We recently developed this drinks calculator for Drinkaware. The overall goal is to make people more aware of the amount of alcohol they are drinking and what that equates to.

This is a project that we recently put live for It’s a drinks calculator. The overall goal for the calculator is to make people more aware of the amount of alcohol they are drinking and what that equates to in the real world.  

The Approach: Lean

We wanted to take a very lean approach to this and tried to figure out, at a most basic level, what the user will need and want to achieve when using the calculator. A group of us on the design team gathered together and started to draw up some ideas on paper. We refined these ideas until we had a basic paper prototype that we could test internally.

Next steps were to wireframe a prototype and send to the client for approval before moving onto a more high-fidelity stage. 

The images on this page show version 1 of the prototype with the most popular types of alcoholic drinks people are consuming: Beer, Wine & Spirits. We calculate the average amount of alcohol, the price and the calories in each. So for example, if I had a pint of beer, that’s the equivalent of 2 standard drinks, 220kcal, and costs about €5 on average.

Initial Observations Since Going Live

The calculator has been very successful so far. 78% of users who visit the page use the calculator . Overall Bounce Rate has been reduced by 6%. We're getting 12% more new visitors, and 18% more returning visitors. This is with a soft-launch and no actual promotion.

Next steps

We are gathering feedback from users through an online survey that users are asked to complete after their first time of using the calculator. We hope to use this data to make future improvements. We are also gathering statistical data on calculator use, that we will analyse over time.

Why not try the calculator yourself.

  • >1000
    Users in the first week
  • 78%
    Conversion Rate
  • +12%
    New Visitors
  • +18%
    Returning Visitors

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